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Before and After

This is two Sweetgum trees (Liquidambar sp.) located between a neighboring house (6-feet) and clients driveway (4-feet). Trees are approximately 15-years of age. Soil conditions are clay and hard pan. Roots are exposed on soil surface to a two foot radius and show some girdling, also roots are severed at the two foot radius. Lifting to driveway has already been observed to 1.25-inches along the central expansion joint at lawns edge. There is a sink hole that has been created just to the left of the front tree due to the installation of an underground utility box along the property line.


This is typical of a landscape design with no thought to the relative size of the individual plant when mature, being planted too close together, the wrong type of soil conditions for this species, improper planting from installation and poor quality specimens from the place of purchase.


This is usually the end result of a lot of wasted time and loss of property value due to the damages that have been caused from "the 'WRONG' tree in the 'WRONG' place." Had this area been planted with a species this client would not have the damages, liabilities, and property value loss that they must now repair. In fact, if they had the right trees in this location, it may have had a positive effect on the value of the property.



Think before you plant!!!! Is this "the 'RIGHT' plant in the 'RIGHT' location?" Will this plant survive and be healthy for many years to come?; or am I going to have to maintain the health and condition of this plant, spending money that I don't have to spend?



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