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Local Municipalities Tree Permits

Sacramento, CA Urban Forest Services (916) 808-6345

Sacramento County, CA Tree Trimming and Removal Permits (916) 874-5278

A Tree Pruning or Tree Removal Permit is required to prune or remove any public tree and certain private trees. Public Trees are those that occur on any County owned land (parks, building grounds, etc.) and/or within Right-of-Way situations. Privately owned trees also require a tree permit in accordance with Zoning Code Regulations and the County's Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance.

Any trees that are located within parking lots and/or the landscaped areas that surround commercial buildings or apartment complexes

Native oak trees (Heritage Trees) occurring anywhere, including on private residential properties

Public trees adjacent to roadways (Street Trees) within the County Right-of-Way or on any County land/parkway

Certain tree species that are especially prominent and stately are also considered as "Landmark" trees and receive special consideration for preservation during the Conditional Use Permit/Development Plan Review process through the Planning Department.

West Sacramento, CA

Cutting down, moving, removing, trimming any branch over 5" in diameter of a street tree. (A street tree is any tree growing within 12 1/2 feet of the back curb of the street.) Cutting down, moving, removing, trimming any branch over 5" in diameter of a heritage, significant, or landmark tree. (A "Heritage tree" means any living tree with a trunk circumference of 75" or more or a Native Oak with a trunk circumference of 50"or more; both measured 4 1/2' from ground level.) The circumference of multi-trunk trees shall be based upon the sum of the circumference of each trunk. A "Landmark tree" is any single or stand of trees of historical significance. Perform any work such as trenching, grading, paving, or parking vehicles within the drip line of a heritage, significant or landmark tree.

Citrus Heights, CA

Native Oak trees having at least or trunk of 6" or more in diameter @d.b.h., or multi-trunked native having an aggregate diameter of 10" or more in diameter @ d.b.h. are protected under the city's Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance and require a permit. Lots under 10,000 square feet in area and part of a subdivision may be exempt from the tree permit fee.

Roseville, CA

All native oak trees in the city of Roseville are protected by City ordinance. Occupied single family and two-family (duplex) lots with an existing residence are exempt from these regulations.

Rocklin, CA Permit only for removal of Oak trees 6" d.b.h. or larger.

Elk Grove, CA

Folsom, CA

Complete Tree Permit Application Form with basic information, including name, address and phone number of applicant and property owner if different. Minor and major pruning: Indicate approximate tree location(s) on site (front, back or side yard). City Arborist will contact property owner to arrange inspection of the tree(s) to determine if a permit is required for major pruning. If a permit is necessary, no mitigation is required. Hazardous or dead trees: Indicate approximate tree location(s) on site (front, back or side yard). City Arborist will contact property owners to arrange inspection of the tree(s) to confirm condition. No fee or mitigation is required to remove dead or hazardous trees.

Loomis, CA




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